Fido Dog Food

Fido Dog Food/400 Gram


our great-tasting and holistic Fido dog food recipes feature

  • Deboned Chicken as the first ingredient
  • Natural whole grains.
  • Anti-oxidant rich food.


Fido only uses the finest natural ingredients and NO soy, as it is related to allergic reactions in some dogs. Like us, our pets require a fully balanced nutritious diet with 6 main nutrient classes i.e. proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. These nutrients help dogs meet their daily need for energy, growth and overall well-being.


Our food is manufactured keeping in mind the top three universal needs of dogs as priority:



  • We at Fido make sure that are recipes are made with an appropriate and necessary amount of fibre in it. We include whole grains to support the dog’s digestive system. We make sure that the bellies we love to pet and tickle are strong enough to digest the nutrients in our food.

Skin & coat:


  • Our food contains high levels of nutrients that give our dogs a healthy and furry coat. The animal fat in our food make sure that the skin beneath the fur is nourished and healthy.

Oral care:


  • Dogs over the age of 3 years can contract gum disease which can lead to serious health problems. We make sure our food has concentrated essential amino acids, calcium and phosphorous so that our dogs can have strong and healthy teeth and gums.

Price Available In:

  • 199 /400 Gram
  • 5400/ 15 Kg

Product Description

Fido Dog Food

Fido Dog Food


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